Value Added

Founding Minerve, Merve used her imagination to make it approachable and sympathetic. Merve had already a one-to-one working style that she “touches” every client in their own conditions and settings and she is proud to continue that way also at Minerve.

Minerve continues to serve keeping in focus on what can be done better and how more value can be added. Never accepting today’s good results but creating tomorrow’s innovation. This is a never ending process of improving and developing with a learner’s mindset.

Minerve’s mission is precious: Helping others to realize their dreams and potentials

Minerve serves for the better of her clients in an altruistic fashion. She believes that the value added determines the reward.  Her happiness and achievement are all dependent on what she adds as a value.

With Minerve, creating perfect results for her smiling clients, Merve keeps on adding value with her outcome-oriented style .

The name of the company, Minerve denotes the exact purpose of the practice: Minerve, the French pronunciation of the Roman goddess, Minerva was associated with wisdom, medicine, science, the arts, and trade, but also of war. With Minerve, Merve unlocks the potential hidden in professionals and organizations with all her tools.