Strategic Human Resources Management Consulting

It is widely observed in some organizations that the motivation, efficiency and job satisfaction diminish while in some they accomplish high scores for these criteria: The main reason behind successful organizations is the availability of clear organizational objectives and the human resources policies aligned.

Our Approach

 Minerve provides a change environment where long-term strategic plans are set and an engaging leadership management approach is adopted. Equality favoring systems are designed that motivate the stakeholders who are perfectionists and eager to be a part of the accomplishment. The talent is selected with this idea in mind. Consequently a stimulating work environment is created which leads to a productive culture.

Strategic human relations deals with the people management of strategic change. The program is intended to have an architectural control over the ecosystem of the organizational change. A progressive view is adopted where the organizational vision, mission and objectives are aligned with the human resources strategies.

An interdependent form of strategic human resources management is proposed which guarantees significantly improving processes. The financial implications are strongly emphasized helping HR executives to have a sound stand in the board. As a consequence, great tools are handed which are value adding for employer branding and attracting the right talent available to deliver on future business objectives.

Particular attention is given to the drivers of engagement and its financial implications as well. The research shows that engagement strongly influences financial performance. In Towers Perrin Global Workforce Study, 2008, the financial performance of global companies were tracked for a 36-months period according to their high versus low engagement levels. The study showed that while in high engagement companies the change in operating margin and change in net profit margin increased by 3,74% and 2,06%, respectively, for low engagement companies these criteria decreased by 2,01% and 1,38%, respectively.

Organizations have a strategic interest in ensuring that change is handled well, the right talent is attracted, the employee engagement is available and relevant emphasis placed on organizational leadership and productive organizational climate.

Services and Client Results

There is great value in Strategic Human Resources Management being able to let the stakeholders and employers handle strategic changes proactively and adapt to the new demands.

The need arises especially in 4 conditions and Minerve provides these services:

An Overall Strategy Shape Up

  • Re-organization due to an alignment with the overall company strategy
  • A need for clear roles and responsibilities
  • Repositioning of any business in case of altered market or regulatory conditions
  • M&A processes
  • A fresh “C” level executive on-boarded
  • A fresh IT platform on-boarded

Strategic Project Development
(Communication and Implementation)

  • Organizational vision, mission and objectives alignment with the human resources strategies
  • Stakeholder direction, alignment and commitment
  • Corporate culture and structure evaluation
  • Cultural change plan and implementation
  • Internal corporate communication plan and implementation
  • Change management and leadership: development and training

Training and Development

  • Required competency identification and gap analysis
  • Strategic talent management: a holistic, systemic and regimented approach

Leadership and Management Development

  • Leader evaluation with the changing demand, support with coaching and training
  • Corporate coaching culture system
  • Building high performing teams
  • Creating a “learning environment” where leaders learn from each others