" Every man who observes vigilantly and resolves steadfastly grows unconsciously into genius"

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton


Merve Can (M.Sc., ACC) founded Minerve in 2011 to coach, mentor and consult to early to mid career professionals and organizations helping them to manage their paths more strategically. Merve is a professional coach, psychologist and management consultant who has been consulting hundreds of individuals, teams and organizations. Her coaching... Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching  Cognitive Behavioural Coaching creates an awareness for coachees about the fact that there is neither good or bad but thinking makes it so. As Dorothy Spry and other CB coaches emphasize the end product is increased emotional intelligence. As one of the fans and adopters of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching technique, I... Read More

Value Added

Founding Minerve, Merve used her imagination to make it approachable and sympathetic. Merve had already a one-to-one working style that she “touches” every client in their own conditions and settings and she is proud to continue that way also at Minerve. Minerve continues to serve keeping in focus on what can be done better and how more value... Read More